How to Use The Roland TD-17 Song Player and SD Card Features

TD-17 song player

The TD-17 Song Player

The TD-17 SONG PLAYER is great for playing along to audio. Of course, you can also record a TD-17 performance directly into the module as well.
Contributed by Simon Ayton for the Roland Australia Blog


An audio performance is simple to record using just the TD-17.

WAV file recordings can be streamed directly from the SD card or even imported as user samples and triggered from any pad you like.

On the SD Card, you can record along to a chosen audio file by selecting the ‘SONG’ option in the recording screen.

TD-17 recording standby screen
The TD-17 Song Player will hold the most recent recording which can then be exported before continuing with more recording.


SD cards can hold sample data, WAV songs/recordings, kits, and system settings.

You can use a card reader to save backups of your card for safety on either a MAC or PC.

Here is an example of how the SD card structure works on the TD-17.

TD-17 SD card folder

Connecting to a Computer or iPad

You can easily connect the Roland TD-17 to either a MAC or PC for easy recording and practice.

See the complete guide to recording the TD-17 here.


Return the module to its default settings with a factory reset if you have any issues.

This clears all kits and global settings so make sure any custom kits or changes you’ve made are saved individually and as a backup to SD card.

TIP: Click the “Reset With User Samples’ to clear any user samples too for a fresh reset.

NOTE: It’s important to also re-calibrate the hi-hat in the case of the VH-10 or VH-11


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