5 Quick Steps To Update Your GT-100 To Version 2.0

Contributed by Braegen Russell for the Roland Australia Blog The BOSS GT-100 is BOSS’ flagship multi-effects processor that has grown on the back of decades of success of both the GT- and ME- multi-effects line.
The super-flexible GT-100 brings a complete package of superb COSM amp emulations combined with a full suite of effects that can be routed in any way you desire. This year BOSS announced the latest update, Version 2.0. This update brings a bunch of new features including:

– Two new amp models: BGNR UB Metal and ORNG Rock Reverb. – New MDP effects powered by innovative BOSS technology: Tera Echo, Overtone, and A-DIST. – Rotary 2 and Acoustic Guitar Simulator effects types added. – Monophonic guitar-to-MIDI conversion from normal 1/4-inch guitar input. – Enhanced USB audio/MIDI interface with multi-channel operation for flexible recording and efficient re-amping. – Support for BOSS TONE STUDIO editor/librarian for Mac/Windows and new GT-100 Version 2.0 patches, available for free at www.bosstonecentral.com. – Version 2.0 software available as a free download for all GT-100 owners.

But how do you update your GT-100? All you’ll need is your BOSS GT-100, a USB cable and a computer. That’s it! Watch the video above or follow these five easy steps.


update gt-100 version 2.0 (1) CHECK THE VERSION INFORMATION To check the current system version of your GT-100, hold down the EFFECTS + SYSTEM buttons while turning the POWER on. The image to the left indicates this GT-100 is currently running Version 1.05. Switch the unit off and let’s proceed! (2) DOWNLOAD SYSTEM UPDATE Head over to www.rolandcorp.com.au,  you can go to the required product page and find all updates under the DOWNLOADS tab. For the GT-100, you can visit the page here but to make it easy, you can download the update by clicking the link update gt-100 version 2.0below:

zip GT-100 System Update Version 2.03

Extract this file where you will find the target folder labelled “gt100_sys_v203”. This folder contains two files which we will load onto the unit shortly. But first… (3) ACCESS THE GT-100 UPDATER MODE TO update gt-100 version 2.0CONNECT TO YOUR COMPUTER VIA USB Before connecting your GT-100 to your computer, you will have to access UPDATER mode. This is done by turning the OUTPUT LEVEL down to zero (fully counter-clockwise), holding down the SYSTEM button and turning the POWER on. The LCD should read GT-100 Updater. You can then connect your GT-100 to your computer via a USB cable. The GT-100 display should read “USB Connected” (shown left). (4) DRAG & DROP update gt-100 version 2.0You should now see the BOSS GT-100 as a drive on your computer. Drag and drop the two extracted files (GT100ROM.BIN and ROMINFO.TXT) to the BOSS GT-100 drive, and once complete, disconnect the USB cable. The GT-100 LCD should then read, “Push [WRITE] to start”. Push the WRITE button on the GT-100, wait patiently for update to complete and DO NOT POWER OFF THE UNIT until finished. (5) CHECK THE NEW VERSION INFORMATION Power off the unit and follow Step (1) of this process. The display should now read “Ver 2.03” (shown left). Update done. Power on and off again as per normal operation to access your new goodies. Now, go play your new GT-100 V2 and be sure to download Joshua Munday’s Classic Patches Collection!


Click for product page GT-100 V2 COSM Amp Effects Processor – Version 2.0: Full Power for Stage and Studio.

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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!