A Guide to Delivering Online Classes

The times have definitely changed, and it looks like the need for delivering classes online is here to stay.
If all of this came as a bit of a shock to you, you are not alone.

Many teachers began teaching online in 2020 when face-to-face lessons weren’t possible.
It was quickly discovered that online teaching takes more planning, quality handouts, and hopefully a decent streaming solution
in order to deliver a compelling class.

For many teachers around the country, Roland streaming mixers came to the rescue.

A streaming mixer allows you to use multiple sources including several cameras, a computer,
videos, quality microphones, and even a smartphone to capture your class and keep your students engaged.

It is like having a TV studio in a briefcase.

We have collected several articles that will help you get the most out of your online classes.
Who knows, this could be the beginning of a career in television!

A Teacher’s Guide to Streaming Your Classes

The need for streaming courses to students online has never been greater. This guide is aimed to help teachers and lecturers navigate the often difficult and technical transition of delivering your normal face-to-face lessons as live streaming courses for your students.

As a teacher, delivering your classes as well as possible should always be your main focus. It is important to note that there are many levels of delivery available, depending on the needs of your students and the equipment used to stream.

A Typical Streaming Setup for Online Courses

In this video, Marc Allen runs through a typical streaming setup for delivering online classes.

This includes connecting multiple cameras, adding a computer and a tablet, and how to get the best-sounding audio without breaking the bank.

Marc also discusses the advantages of using a simple streaming video mixer. Watching this video will clear up any technical questions you have as well as help your online classes to be more engaging for your students.

The Roland VR-4HD and Creating Video Content

Live Streaming Using the Roland VR-4HD

Streaming with Roland VR-4HD is a cost-effective way to attract a larger audience. It is also valuable in gaining the trust and maintaining the loyalty of your viewers. The key to successful streaming (and presenting!) is to ensure that your subject matter is interesting. Try and make your content both visual and informative.

There are many social as well as business applications for streaming.
These include online classes, in-house training, A/V media lessons, and educational presentations to remote attendees.

The VR-4HD, like all of Roland’s AV switchers, takes streaming to the next level! It’s like having a portable TV studio to produce quality multi-source content.

Creating Live Video Content

Sometimes it feels like it’s a jungle out there for those trying to navigate the online world. You’re trying to reach your target audience, figuring out why one post or campaign worked so well and the next didn’t work at all, grappling with the social media giants’ tweaking of algorithms, and constantly analysing your followers’ behaviour. At times it appears to be a complicated science.

In reality however, it really comes down to the basics … staying active and engaging. People are busy, know exactly what they like and more than ever are time-poor. You have to earn their interest.

Fortunately, we live in an age where the gear required to make decent content is becoming more affordable and user-friendly. 

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