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Adrian Scott: How to make a Trumpet Sound – GAIA SH-01

Adrian_ScottAdrian Scott is a rare breed of musician — having forged multiple careers as a performer, musical director, writer, producer, demonstrator and sound designer.

His credits are like reading a timeline of popular music. From touring and playing with such legendary groups as Air Supply, The Little River Band and Dragon to being music supervisor for a multitude of Australian acts, including Kylie Minogue.

Adrian has also been involved with Roland for more than 30 years, starting out as a demonstrator, then moving into R&D and sound creation. He has been helped develop many of the classic Roland synthesizers, sequencers and rhythm machines including the D-50, and all the Sound Canvas, Fantom, JV and Juno range of synthesizers & sound modules.

To this day Adrian is still proudly involved with product design, sound design, and demonstration materials for Roland and in this this video, he gives us an overview of the Roland GAIA Synthesizer and shows us how to make a trumpet sound from scratch.

Adrian Scott Biography

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