Alt-J: Drummer Thom Green backstage with the TD-4KP

Mercury Prize award winning band Alt-J have had a busy few years. As well as penning award winning albums, they’ve toured relentlessly. As a drummer on the road, it’s not easy to have the time to practise or play outside of the stage performance. Enter the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable kit.

Contributed by Roland UK Team

It was early in 2013 when drummer Thom Green expressed an interest in exploring the world of electronic drums. As a self-confessed fan of classic Roland percussion sounds such as the TR-808 snare sound, V-Drums were naturally of interest. How better to get acquainted with Roland V-Drums than taking a kit on the road? And the easiest kit to take on the road has to be the V-Drums Portable kit.

In this video, Thom explains why it’s his V-Drums kit of choice.

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