Bluetooth Could Change The Way You Play Piano

Roland piano with bluetooth connection

Roland’s new Bluetooth-equipped HP and LX pianos will change the way you practise, perform and compose. Meet the three game-changing features…

You’ve heard of Bluetooth. It’s the technology that allows short-distance wireless data exchange without a spaghetti junction. You’ve probably already used it for hands-free calls or on your wireless keyboard. The advantages of Bluetooth on a piano are considerable! Bluetooth could even change the way you play. Importantly, there’s never been a digital model on the market to feature this tech.

Until now. Choose a digital piano from Roland’s latest Bluetooth-equipped HP or LX range and you’re all set! For instance, you can wirelessly connect with your mobile device (phone or tablet). Whether you want to access sheet-music and tutorial apps for iOS/Android, record your own original music. As a result, you can use DAW or accompany your favourite song as it streams through the piano speakers. Bluetooth is the wireless, mic-less, painless solution.

Even more impressively, you don’t need your nose in a manual to get started. Here are the three basic Bluetooth modes, all accessed in seconds via your HP or LX piano’s function menu.

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Stream tunes and tutorials with Bluetooth Audio

Imagine, you’re using an app or watching an online video tutorial. It can be hard to get inspired by the tinny audio from your tablet or smartphone’s weeny speaker. Bluetooth Audio lets you stream audio from your mobile device through the piano speakers. That includes a song you’re learning for tonight’s gig or an online tutorial – and enjoy a far more dynamic sound.

The advantages of Bluetooth MIDI for piano

Maybe you’re looking for a way to get your own tunes recorded without the hassle of mics and wires. That’s where Bluetooth MIDI comes in. This effectively turns your Roland piano into a wireless MIDI controller as it interfaces with your mobile device’s DAW software apps. As a result, whether you want to compose original tunes using GarageBand or dream up a signature piano sound with Roland’s Piano Designer, the process has never been smoother.

Painless practice with Bluetooth PageTurn

These days, apps are changing the way that pianists practise. When you’re learning a new piece, Bluetooth PageTurn gives you a helping hand. As an example, you can choose an app that displays sheet music – like piaScore – then simply pop your mobile device onto the piano’s music stand. Then all you do is press the centre pedal to turn the pages on the screen. PageTurn can also be used when you’re receiving MIDI info from an app. Just select the PageTurn and MIDI mode.

So that’s the elevator pitch. The advantages of bluetooth for piano are in! Now watch this walkthrough video for a demo of Bluetooth in action. This will give you a taste of where this technology could take your practice, performance and recordings…

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LX-17 - Bluetooth Piano

LX-7 with Bluetooth



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