How to Make Drum Sheets and Learn Songs quickly with Chris Whitten

Welcome to ‘Behind The Drums’ where, thanks to star drummer Chris Whitten, you'll learn how to make drum cheat sheets and learn songs quickly.

With his no nonsense musical approach, Chris shares the techniques and ideas he’s gathered from playing and recording with the biggest names in the world. 

Artists Chris has worked with include Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, The The, Julian Cope and Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians and many others.

Learn more about Chris Whitten’s story here


In this multi-part series, Chris shares with us his knowledge on learning songs quickly using drum notes to create memorable drum performances.

Part 1- Introduction

Watch the videos to learn what it takes to make it as a regular on-call studio drummer and how to become a better all-round musical player.

Even if you’re playing the local pub scene on the weekends or having a bash with friends, the knowledge Chris shares is priceless.

Visit Chris Whitten’s web site here

Part 2: How To Make Quick Drum Cheat Sheets

In part 2, Chris explains that you don’t need to read music to make accurate and effective song notes.

With just pen and paper, Chris demonstrates his process for simplifying any song and breaking down the parts to learn the song quickly. 

Sharing his experiences in the studio making songs work quickly with big name artists and producers, Chris explains the thinking and concepts he uses in this process.


Part 3: Cliche' Drum Parts

In part 3, Chris explains why cliche’ drum parts and fills work and how to create excitement and connect and involve the listener through their careful use. 


Chris Whitten Interviews

Part 1- The early years and getting started



Part 2- Chris talks about playing with his heroes 


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