Steal the Show with an Octapad Kit

Octapad SPD-30

Since its launch in 1985, drummers playing a diverse range of music have integrated the Octapad into their setups.

Pros and keen enthusiast drummers, often from vastly different genres, have found the compact nature of the 8 pad percussion instrument, makes for a practical and space-saving way of adding more sounds and pads into their setups.


Additionally, the extra inputs on the back make it straightforward to build a super-compact kit around it that is quick to set up, fun to play and entertaining for the audience.

Simply attach the Octapad to a PDS-20 stand, choose the style of trigger, connect it with the supplied TRS cable, choose the trigger type and assign your sounds.

You can hear the sound directly via in-ear headphones and connect it out to a sound system just like with a keyboard for the audience to enjoy.

Contributed by Simon Ayton for the Roland Australia Blog

The Most Common Add-on Triggers for the SPD-30 OCTAPAD are:

1. Kick Trigger
2. Snare Pad
3. Crash Cymbal
4. Hi-Hat & Foot Controller

Here are some of the most popular options available for each of these trigger types:


Compatible Models: ALL

Most Popular:


KD-7Horizontal trigger with KDB-7 hooked beater.
This extremely popular trigger takes only a small space, is incredibly quiet and compatible with regular single mechanical kick pedals of all types allowing drummers to dial in the feel to their liking.

The KD-7 also features spurs to keep it anchored and a ‘mix-in’ jack for daisy-chaining multiple pedals for example, two KD-7s could be connected to one trigger input on the SPD-30 for double kick playing.


KD-10For the feel of an acoustic kick drum but in a much smaller package, the upright standing KD-10 gives that feel of the beater burying itself in the head that drummers love.
The great rebound feel of the KD-10 is thanks to the durable rubber trigger surface covered in a strong mesh-like cloth which has the additional benefit of being exceptionally low noise.

Like the KD-7, the KD-10 is compatible with standard mechanical single and, in this case, double-pedals too and you can use any beater shape you like.


KT-10An all-in-one pedal and trigger system, the KT-10 is built like a tank.
The unique trigger system incorporates adjustable springs and weights along with a beater arrangement to emulate the feel of the kick pedal hitting the drum.

Having the pedal and trigger combined in one compact unit means it takes up less space, does not require any setup and is more durable and reliable than a separate pedal and trigger combination; Just connect and play.
As with the KD-7, multiple KD-10 can be daisy-chained via the mix-in jack for multi-kick playing.


Compatible Models: All except PD-140DS digital pad.

Most Popular:


An 8” dual-trigger, adjustable, dual-mesh head and rim pad that’s small and light with precise trigger response. Easy to mount and one of the most popular pads to position around a kit, the PDX-8 is ideal to integrate into a compact kit setup.


The PDX-12 is the snare used on the TD-17 series kits due to its size and compact nature.

With a 12” adjustable dual-ply mesh head and a snappy rim feel, this a fun, dual-trigger, head and rim snare pad to use with the Octapad.


A 10” dual-mesh head pad, the PDX-100 can be pipe or L-rod mounted to work with a range of different hardware. The PDX-100 is often used as an additional snare or tom on V-Drums kits too.

As with the other PDX series pads, the PDX-100 is a dual-zone trigger pad with adjustable head tension allowing you to dial in your favourite stick feel.

Use the DCS-10 or DCS-30 combination stands to hold a pad and a cymbal.


Compatible Models: ALL

Most Popular:


The popular 12” crash is the goto for super compact setups. Plug the provided TRS cable into the Octapad and assign any sound you like.


With a wide playing surface, the CY-12C-T looks the part and being a thin series cymbal, the trigger response is instant.


A dual-zone crash, the ‘T’ in the name denotes its thin profile. Being 40% lighter and thinner than the previous generation CY-14 14” crash, this pad has the best trigger response together with the same sort of swinging motion and buttery feel associated with the absolute best classic thin acoustic crashes making it rewarding to play.

As with the CY pads above, you can use both head/bow and rim/edge zones for two unique sounds such as a splash on bow/head and full crash on the edge/rim. On the Octapad, you can even layer two sounds per trigger zone for creating interesting layering and performance possibilities.

V-Cymbals can be mounted on Roland MDY cymbal arms or the Roland DBS-10 or DBS-30 double-braced cymbal stands.
For use with conventional cymbal stands, use the CYM-10 cymbal accessory pack. 
This v-shaped stopper, felt and wingnut combination, allows the cymbal to swing naturally on the stand whilst stopping it from tangling the cabling by spinning.

HI-HAT & Foot Controller

Compatible Models: ALL except VH-14D digital HH

Most Popular:


The CY-5 is the most compact HH available that is included with the current TD-07 and TD-17 V-Drums kits.
Specially designed to stay in place and not rotate on the stand, the 10” pad is light and responsive and pairs with the FD-9 HH foot controller to give it expression.

Even though it is a single pad, dynamic playing from fully closed through half-open to fully open is possible for a natural, kit-like playing experience when used with the Octapad.

It comes with the attachments to mount it on a cymbal top or rod style mount.


A near silent HH pedal designed for the lowest foot stomp possible, the FD-9 can be connected to the HH Controller input of the SPD-30 to control the opening and closing of a connected hi-hat pad.

The in-built spurs stop it moving and the spring action and smooth controller system gives it a very natural HH feel.


The 12” dual-zone VH-10 V-Hi-Hat uses a single-cymbal floating design that can be mounted and played on a traditional acoustic hi-hat stand.

It provides the same playing feel as an acoustic hi-hat with natural rebound feel and swinging motion of the hi-hat cymbal.

The depth at which you advance the pedal of the hi-hat stand smoothly varies the tonal character from open to closed, and you can also use hi-hat techniques such as half-closed playing and foot-splash.

The VH-10 allows you to express the tonal change that occurs when you strike the hi-hat in the closed state before immediately opening it. You can even differentiate between strikes on the bow and edge of the cymbal, too.


With hundreds of sounds from tuned percussion to ethnic percussion to electronic and acoustic sounding drums, building a mobile kit with the Octapad is simple and can give you fresh performance and gig possibilities not possible with a conventional sit-down style of drum kit.

Being able to create loops, phrases, and effects beyond the scope of conventional drumming can really make you stand out as a performer.

The Octapad makes it easy to integrate a range of different triggers including hi-hat with foot control which means you do not have to sacrifice playability for mobility and musical creativity.

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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!