Why the RD-2000 is the ultimate digital stage piano for professionals

Why is the RD-2000?

Your Ultimate Career

If you’re a professional pianist, then you’ve definitely spent your early life studying music. You’ve devoted years to learning classical, contemporary or jazz and you’ve sat for exams with perhaps AMEB, the Conservatorium or at University.​

You’ve dedicated thousands of hours to practice on the piano and now you’re earning income from your skill.​ ​

Perhaps your work is in live Theatre, Television or you run a Church band or Touring as an MD for a famous artist or even Corporate Events.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Whatever the gig is, you are at that level where you not only want to be heard, you want your talent and abilities to be shown to their fullest potential.​ ​ And of course you want to be inspired!

You need the freedom of expression, nuance and power from a piano that gives you all the response and musical resonance of an acoustic piano.

The Ultimate Touch​ ​

As you know, there are some really important features required to maximize your performances, the first being the keyboard action itself!

The RD-2000 is acknowledged by thousands of pro players as one of, if not the best actions available.​

It has Progressive Hammer Action which simulates the resistance of an acoustic piano. Here the action feels slightly lighter as you go up to the higher pitched notes.​

​The action also has Escapement. If you slowly press a key down you will feel this as a small click. This is emulating an acoustic piano where the hammer mechanism lets off, allowing the string to vibrate without the hammer pressing against it and muting the vibrating string.​

This innovative keyboard features hybrid keys constructed of wood and molded materials, and is unbelievable to play with the ultimate feel and durability.​

Together with Roland’s advanced sensor mechanism and hammer-action design, the RD-2000 delivers authentic grand piano touch. ​

It truly is an absolute pleasure to play.

The Ultimate Sound​

Another important feature is the sound, but what does that actually mean when you’re playing the piano?​

You sometimes want to play intensely with lots of runs and glissandos while pressing the sustain pedal without running out of notes. You also need these notes to resonate off the soundboard and the other sustaining strings. ​

This creates the wonderful harmonics and musical resonance that makes your performance real and full of life which is impossible with many sample based digital pianos.​

The RD-2000 has Roland’s acclaimed V-Piano engine giving you unlimited polyphony. ​

This means you can perform incredible two hand runs, big chords and glissandos, all while holding the sustain pedal down and NEVER run out of notes!​

​ You can also design your own personalized piano by changing the character and tuning for every single note. You can adjust tone colour, string and damper resonance, hammer noise, duplex scaling and more. ​

Roland’s advanced V-Piano modeling technology brings this premier instrument to life under your fingers, delivering nuanced playability and deep personalization options that extend far beyond any sample-based collection.​

The Ultimate Performer​

If you are a professional musician, there will always be times where you need more than just an acoustic piano sound.​ Sometimes you will want to add a layer of synth pad sound or real acoustic strings and brass.​ Maybe you want to give your performance a classic tone wheel organ with drawbars or one of the many classic electric piano sounds!​ ​

The RD-2000 also has a really intuitive way of adding up to eight layers and splits, quickly accessible and adjustable from the faders, knobs and buttons.

You can add other instruments and effects from the comprehensive built in expandable library with more sounds available for download too.​

You can easily mix and perform these layered patches and recall them quickly from your very own saved FAVOURITES patches. ​

This gives you the ability to cover any performance at your upcoming gigs.​

The Ultimate Pedigree

Released just two years after Roland formed in 1972, the EP-30 was a groundbreaking instrument as it was the world’s first touch sensitive electronic piano!​

The original RD, the RD-1000, was released in 1986 and was instantly acclaimed by professionals including Elton John, Rick Wakeman and even Brian May. ​

Since then, the RD Series has become the industry-standard, loved and trusted by leading pianists and keyboard players all over the world.​

To read more on the history of all Roland RD Stage Pianos visit​ HERE

The RD-2000 is renowned as the pinnacle of stage pianos due to its amazing piano action, quality build and huge collection of top notch professional instruments. Further continuing the superb standard already set by predecessors in the RD line, the RD-2000 is the only choice for artists, musicians and touring professionals who demand the finest in playability, reliability and sonic quality.​

visit https://www.roland.com/au/products/rd-2000/

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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!