Your Amp is Just As Important As Your Guitar

Women holding a guitar sitting on a couch adjusting a BOSS Katana-50 amp

You’ve just snagged your first shiny guitar, ready for the exciting learning journey ahead. You’ve found the one that truly speaks to you. You want to strike your first chord but here’s the deal – without an amp, your electric guitar is not very useful.

After putting in the effort to find the perfect guitar, why not invest the same energy in choosing the right amp? While settling for the basic amp that comes packaged with your beginner guitar is an option, your sound, playing, and learning experience would thrive with the perfect amp.

Here’s why your amp matters as much as your guitar:

Creating Sound

Without the amp, your electric guitar is merely a silent piece of wooden art. Imagine your beginner guitar as the artistic brush, and the starter amp as the canvas. It takes the vibrations from your guitar and turns them into a distinct, signature sound. 

It’s only with an amp that you unlock the full potential of your guitar.

Sound Better, Faster

You plug in your guitar, and you unleash your first power chord, but the sound that greets your ears isn’t as epic as you were expecting.

What’s the deal? Well, it might just be your amp.

It’s pretty crazy how your amp can totally shape your sound. The right one can turn your average playing into something triumphant. Sure, sometimes it’s just a matter of more practice, but other times, it’s your amp that’s holding you back.

Playing With Effects

Whether you love the sound of gritty distortion or dreamy reverb, there are a variety of effects for you to explore.

Diving into various sounds becomes a musical journey in its own right, pushing you to play more, experiment endlessly, and, in the end, grow as a guitarist.

At the beginning of your journey, it’s important for you to explore and find which effects you vibe with the most.

So here’s a tip: when looking for your first amp, look for one that has a bunch of different effects for you to sample before you splurge on any more gear like effects pedals.

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Practice-Ready and Gig-Ready

While that compact practice amp serves its purpose, what happens when you’re ready to step beyond your bedroom?

Investing in a quality starter amp ensures your sound isn’t just audible but tangible. Skip the hassle of juggling multiple amps as you progress— get a reliable one from the start of your learning journey, and you’re set.

So, if you’re embarking on your guitar-learning adventure, don’t underestimate the influence your starter amp wields over your sound. Take a moment to explore various starter amps, dabble in effects, and find the perfect combination—or streamline your journey with our Katana 50mkII, offering the trifecta.

Your beginner guitar is crucial, but the starter amp and effects add the real punch, turning your playing into a powerful sound!

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