If you’re a musician and have been around for a while, chances are you’ve seen or owned a BOSS Tuner. Maybe you’ve come across one of the pocket tuners or perhaps you’re that guitarist who starts your effects chain with one of BOSS’ classic white stompboxes (which might even be the most important piece of gear on your pedalboard)!

Over the years, BOSS has expanded their collection of tuners as they learned more about the users of their products and continued innovating their technology and design. Therefore it’s time for a little breakdown – which BOSS tool is the best fit for getting your instrument in tune?

Contributed by Maurits Nienhuis for Roland Canada


This is the successor to the popular and discontinued TU-2. It offers fast and accurate tuning results on a very bright (and adjustable) LED meter. The chromatic tuner is accurate to +/- one cent giving you no reason to play out of tune ever again!

More About the TU-3


No, this is not “just a black TU-3”! Even though it has the same tuning features, it’s an enhanced and updated tuner pedal with the WAZA innovation. One of the main enhancements is the ability to run this unit with the buffer or use it as a pedal that’s true bypass. This makes it the most versatile tuner pedal out there giving you full control on how and where in the chain to use it.

And yes, it comes with an irresistible “stealth” look . . . What more do you need?

More About the TU-3W


I know, pedalboard real estate is valuable these days! That’s why BOSS introduced a tuner with a small footprint. They avoided compromising on tuning features and the familiar display. The tuner works very well in conjunction with the tuner-out on your volume pedal or simply in-line with your other effects, utilizing the buffer to minimize signal loss when using long cables. It saves you room for more effects, but still has all the classic BOSS mojo!

More About the TU-3S


The BOSS TU-01 is a clip-on chromatic tuner which is designed to live on the headstock of your instrument. Simply turn it on when you need it, tune your instrument, and forget about it as the Auto Off function is there to automatically preserve battery life. It features tuning modes for guitar, bass, and ukuleles, making it a very handy tool to throw in your guitar case. Or leave on your headstock forever, of course!

More About the TU-01


This tool is crucial for practicing and for if you’re teaching musicians. It not only helps you get your instrument ready to go, but it also provides a steady click to play along to. The internal microphone lets you tune your acoustic instruments, and the jack input allows you to plug in an electric guitar, bass, or another instrument. Then when you’re all set, hit the metronome button, pick a rhythm style plus tempo, and start your jam!

More About the TU-30

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