Build Your Dream Kit


And Have Fun!

We get it. Drummer’s love to expand and customize their drums.

Luckily, with V-Drums, building the kit of your dreams is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Choose Your Trigger Type
2. Connect To Your Module
3. Pick Your Sound

Build Your Dream Kit


ADD More Kicks

Some of the first drummers to use two kick drums included Louie Bellson, Billy Cobham, Keith Moon, and Ginger Baker. 

Compared to a double kick pedal where each pedal is triggering the same sound, with two or more kick drums, you can assign each one its own sound and pitch to really change the voicing of the pattern.  

Roland Kick Triggers. Click to see product page.

Roland RT-30K Acoustic Trigger
KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal
Roland KT-9 Beaterless Pedal
Roland KT-10 Beaterless Pedal
Roland KD-7 Kick Trigger with hooked beater
KD-10 Kick Pad
Roland KD-10
KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter
Roland KD-A-22 Kick Adaptor
KD-140 V-Kick Trigger Pad
Roland KD-140
Roland KD-180L-BLK
KD-180 Bass Drum
Roland KD-180
KD-200 Kick Drum
Roland KD-200-MS Midnight Sparkle
Roland KD-222-GC Gloss Cherry
KD-222 Kick Drum
Roland KD-222-PW Piano White
KD-222 Kick Drum
Roland KD-222-GN Gloss Ebony
KD-222 Kick Drum
Roland KD-222-GN Gloss Natural


blueprint kit

"It is alive!"

Build Your Dream Kit

Affectionately named “Frankenstein”, this monster kit built from off the shelf V-Drums components, is designed to inspire and encourage you to dream big and create your ultimate kit!

See the build breakdown here

  • 2x TD-50X Modules connected together for twice as many triggers and audio outs
  • 1x CY-18-DR Ride connected as a big crash
  • 2x PM-100 Amplifiers connected in Stereo
  • KT-10 for additional kick sounds
  • 20″ and 22″ Kick drums
  • BT-1 Bar Triggers save space
  • Second PD-140-DS digital snare for piccolo or contrasting snare sounds
  • DW Hardware



Xavier Rudd

Mitch Bruzzese

Twitch kit setup for Mitch Bruzesse
Mitch Bruzzese's Monster Twitch Setup
 As a modern musician, continually experimenting, adapting and forging an identity for yourself is the name of the game!
  • VAD-706 Gloss Natural
  • 2x PDA120-GN 12″ Tom
  • 2x PDA140F-GN 14″ Floor Tom
  • CY-16R-T
  • 2x CY-12C-T
  •  RC-505MK2  Looper
  • DJ-707M
  • SPD-SXPro
  • PD-8
  • BT-1

Shane "Russ" Russell | Twelve Foot Ninja

Not too much Bing, Bong!

  • TD-50KVX2
  • 4 additional CY Cymbals
  • KT-10 Kick
  • SPD-SXPro
See the article here

Neil Peart - RUSH

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Build Your Dream Kit!

Build Your Dream Kit! We get it. Drummer’s love to expand and customize their drums. Luckily, with V-Drums, building the kit of your dreams is

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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!