Xavier Rudd Setup

Come on a journey with stage tech Aaron Giffin as he walks us through Xavier Rudd’s monster stage setup.
Aaron shows just how much effort goes into creating an immersive show for both the audience and the artist.

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"Hi I'm Aaron, and This is My Stage!"

It’s no wonder Aaron Giffin takes so much ownership of the stage. Together with an efficient crew that feels more like a family, he spends every afternoon on tour assembling an impressive stage set to allow Xavier to perform at his best and give the audience and artist a memorable night.

Reproducing studio like stage sound seamlessly, night after night all over the globe doesn’t happen without plenty of creative and technical considerations, not to mention the preparation.

During the recording for the new album, Jan Juc Moon, Xavier and Aaron worked through ideas for the show and what gear would be required to make a real show rather than recreate the album. Things started simply and soon bloomed into a full-blown production. Aaron expands on this…

TD-50X module and SPD-SX
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Keeping the Live Performance Element

Even for an artist referred to as “Acoustic”, sound reinforcement and sound design of the show is key to getting a the pristine sound audiences expect.

The heart of Xavier’s setup is a TD-50X V-Drums module and SPD-SX Sampling pad which may surprise many. But as Aaron explains, it would be easy for Xavier to just go and bang out the songs on acoustic guitar but he wants to deliver a real show.

He’s not interested in the easy route…See the video for the concept of the show

Aaron Gihhin
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Xavier Rudd Gear List

Xavier and Aaron experimented with an array of both acoustic and electronic instruments to strike an ideal balance between the two worlds. To allow free-reign over the flow of the show from night to night, Xavier triggers sections of audio, individual sounds and short loops directly from the kit.

When at the Fantom-08 keyboard, foot-switches on the floor together with the front panel pads on the keyboard allow him to trigger off sounds to control the flow and mood of the show for a unique and truly live experience for the audience and himself every night.
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"We're fully maxed out!"

Xavier Rudd Setup

Follow the links below for equipment details

How the Gear is Used


Putting together the show involved extensive work on sounds. What started out as an idea to trigger some album sounds and ambient loops evolved into an extensive collection of sounds unique for every song.

Aaron explains the sound choices and how they used a combination of built-in and totally custom sounds to craft Xavier’s unique live sound.

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BOSS EV-5 Expression Pedal
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Fancy Footwork

It’s not just hands that are busy on this show. Much of the show is controlled on the stage floor from Xavier’s feet. Pedals and controllers of all sorts including kick triggers, expression pedals, effects and switches each play their part in keeping the show rolling and evolving night after night.

Xavier Rudd's twin pedal

Heartbeats, Whales, Birds and Other Beasts

Starting out with the idea of a simple piano on stage, as with the rest of the show, creative minds ran wild. 

The Fantom-08 is put to multiple duties. It’s used for piano as well as bass and an assortment of sounds of this earth and elsewhere.

Ambient sounds for interludes between pieces together with piano and other instrument sounds are played with the fingers and feet just a stick throw away in “keyboard land” as Aaron referred to it.

performance workstation synth
A Fantom-08 fills numerous roles during the show
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On With The Show

"It looks complicated but it's evolved to what it is now..."

As the tight-knit group circumnavigates the globe, they deliver an amazing set each night to people of all walks of life. Thanks to the unique and creative use of music and technology, you can be sure of an unforgettable and moving experience with every performance. 

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