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We get it. Drummer’s love to expand and customize their drums.

Luckily, with V-Drums, building the kit of your dreams is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Choose Your Trigger Type
2. Connect To Your Module
3. Pick Your Sound



V-Drums trigger pads go from a super slim 8” to a full-sized 14” Maple wood floor tom. 

With head and rim triggering, you can assign two separate sound sounds of completely different types. For example, assign a octaban tom to the rim and a maple tom to the head or a floor tom sound to the head and a sub drop sound to the rim. Each of these trigger ‘zones’ can have its own pitch/tuning, muffling and any other effects depending on the module its attached to.  

See the range of toms here

Roland Tom Triggers. Click to see product page.

RT-30H trigger
Roland RT-30H
Roland PD-8
PDX-6 V-Pad
Roland PDX-6
Roland PDX-8
Roland PDX-12
Roland PDX-100
Roland PDA100L-BK
Roland PDA120L-BK
Roland PDA100-MS Midnight Sparkle
Roland PDA100-PW Piano White
PDA100 Tom Pad
Roland PDA100-GC Gloss Cherry
PDA100 Tom Pad
Roland PDA100-GN Gloss Natural
PDA100 Tom Pad
Roland PDA100-GE Gloss Ebony
Roland PDA120-MS Midnight Sparkle
Roland PDA120-PW Piano White
PDA120 Tom Pad
Roland PDA120-GC Gloss Cherry
PDA120 Tom Pad
Roland PDA120-GN Gloss Natural
PDA120 Tom Pad
Roland PDA120-GE Gloss Ebony
Roland PDA140F-MS Midnight Sparkle
PDA-140F Tom Pad
Roland PDA140F-PW Piano White
PDA-140F Tom Pad
Roland PDA140F-GC Gloss Cherry
PDA-140F Tom Pad
Roland PDA140F-GN Gloss Natural
PDA-140F Tom Pad
Roland PDA140F-GE Gloss Ebony


blueprint kit

"It is alive!"

Build Your Dream Kit

Affectionately named “Frankenstein”, this monster kit built from off the shelf V-Drums components, is designed to inspire and encourage you to dream big and create your ultimate kit!

See the build breakdown here

  • 2x TD-50X Modules connected together for twice as many triggers and audio outs
  • 1x CY-18-DR Ride connected as a big crash
  • 2x PM-100 Amplifiers connected in Stereo
  • KT-10 for additional kick sounds
  • 20″ and 22″ Kick drums
  • BT-1 Bar Triggers save space
  • Second PD-140-DS digital snare for piccolo or contrasting snare sounds
  • DW Hardware



Xavier Rudd

Mitch Bruzzese

Mitch Bruzesse's Twitch Setup
Twitch kit setup for Mitch Bruzesse
Mitch Bruzzese's Monster Twitch Setup
 As a modern musician, continually experimenting, adapting and forging an identity for yourself is the name of the game!
  • VAD-706 Gloss Natural
  • 2x PDA120-GN 12″ Tom
  • 2x PDA140F-GN 14″ Floor Tom
  • CY-16R-T
  • 2x CY-12C-T
  •  RC-505MK2  Looper
  • DJ-707M
  • SPD-SXPro
  • PD-8
  • BT-1

Shane "Russ" Russell | Twelve Foot Ninja

Not too much Bing, Bong!

  • TD-50KVX2
  • 4 additional CY Cymbals
  • KT-10 Kick
  • SPD-SXPro
See the article here

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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!