Pushing Musical Boundaries

Unleashing a sonic storm that intertwines folk sensibilities with an ethereal pop soundscape, Celia Pavey, better known as Vera Blue, has carved a mesmerising path through the Australian music scene. With her haunting vocals and evocative songwriting, this rising star has captured the hearts of listeners far and wide.

As she continues to evolve and push musical boundaries, Vera Blue remains an enigmatic force, enchanting listeners with her celestial vocals and profound artistry. With each new release, she invites us into a world where vulnerability is a superpower, and the human experience is explored with unwavering authenticity. Vera Blue has transcended expectations, unveiling her true essence, a luminary shining brightly in the musical firmament.

We were able to speak with Vera Blue before her final gig of the Mercurial Tour, at the iconic Enmore Theatre, in Sydney.

Intrigued by the seamless ‘electronic’ performance of her band, we also invited Ross James and Dave Jenkins for an in-depth interview at Roland HQ, to discuss how the brilliant show came to be.

Vera Blue - Touring & Collaborations

"I've done some amazing collabs in the past with people like Illy and Flume, and it's really inspiring"

How did you start working with Vera Blue?

"A friend called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to do a song on Like a Version (Tripple J) with her."

Bringing the show together

"It would be a lot easier to just press a button but we have committed really hard to play everything we can"

What new production ideas did you use?

"It's definitely the most MIDI implementation we have had, it's insane... Everyone on stage has MIDI running both ways, in and out, all automated and controlling all of the gear..."

Unexpected moments?

"It's a really big win when you say something on your MD mic (to Celia) and she says it to the audience..."

"Meeting people, being genuine and not being self first is important - you actually have to be in it for the group."

"Touring is hard work, it's a slog... waiting in airports, on tour vans, lugging gear - People miss that side of things."

"We'll start at the beginning with how our show works and how the routing all works..."

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